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    Flash is installed, but users still get prompted to install


      I am new to packaging using MS System Center 2007, and my first task was to update Adobe Flash Player on all PC's.  We have a mix of WIndows 7 64 bit and WIndows XP 32 bit PC's.  I wrote a script for the 64 bit PC's and the 32 bit PC's. 


      I am showing a success rate of over 96% for the 32 bit PC's.  However, people that show a successful push, are still having issues with Adobe Flash Player.  I connect to the PC and what I have seen is both the Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and Plugin version 11 in Add/Remove Programs.  However, when I go any site that needs Flash, I get prompted to install.  One of three things fix the problem.


      1.  Go to the About Adobe Flash Player site and the missing pieces install themseleves. 

      2.  Run the Uninstaller utility (which is already built into the script) directly on the PC

      3.  Run the script directly on the PC.


      Sometimes one of these will work.  Other times, I have to uninstall from Add/Remove Programs, then rerun the Uninstaller Utility, and then rerun the script.  Even then, i sometimes have issues with a previous install being stuck. 


      Eventually, I can manually get the install to work and when I go to the About Adobe Flash site, everything is good.  I don't understand why it shows that it is a successful install on System Center,and the PC shows the Flash Player ActiveX and Plugin installed in Add/Remove programs, but still needs to be installed at the Flash site. 


      ANy help appreciated.