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    GTX 560 not on Adobe list?

    CjballCO Level 1

      I need to buy a new graphics card ASAP, the GTX 560 was recommended by a few-like IBUY Power were I purchased my system. On Adobe's approved list the 570 and 580 are listed but not the 560, so does that mean I should not buy it...want something that plays well with 5.5.  Or if you'd recommend a different card on their list, would like to stay under $300


      system specs

      Windows 7 Ultimate-64bit

      800 watts power

      8MG RAM


      Any help  would be much appreciated.

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          RjL190365 Level 4

          It means that you will need to add the line "GeForce GTX 560" or "GeForce GTX 560 Ti" into the cuda_supported_cards.txt file (the much-discussed "hack") in order to enable MPE GPU accelerated mode if you have anything other than the officially supported GPUs. Just make sure that the GPU really is a CUDA GPU and not an older (GeForce 7 series or earlier) GPU and your particular card has at least 896MB of RAM.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            In the Benchmark Results there are currently 25 systems running with that card.

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              CjballCO Level 1

              RJL ? have no clue what CUDA GPU is?  Possilby best to go with next model up the 570, which is on the improved.  Do I want ti or not? tried to read up on this.   Lastly is superclocked something I want or don't want.  I did google the 570, slightly concerned when reading a few folks that had problems with crashes, installing drivers.

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                CjballCO Level 1

                ....sorry what I meant to say approved list not improved

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                  RjL190365 Level 4

                  Actually, I meant those GeForce 8 series or later with at least 896MB of graphics RAM that are technically "supported" by the MPE GPU accelerated mode. You see, the MPE GPU accelerated mode requires at least 765MB of free, unused graphics RAM in order to work at all. Cards that are older than the GeForce 8xxx series (which do not support CUDA at all) and those with less than 896MB of total RAM (this means that a 768MB card will have less than 750MB of unused available graphics RAM) cannot enable GPU accelerated mode at all, and thus are stuck in MPE software-only mode.