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    how to disable transitions between windows when editing objects

    ziofonta222 Level 1

      hi everybody, im trying to figure out if there is a way to speed up continuous editing of textfields or symbols, avoiding transition animation when you move through different levels of itms on the design area. As you noticed, when you double click on a movieclip to edit it, flash perform a "zoom" transition of a rectanle to  suggest you are entering one level deep inside, and a zoom reversed when you move back to main timeline. The fact is that i f you need to edit a lot of item very quickly (i often need to change paragraph texts doing copy paste from other programs) you waste a lot of time if you count the fractions you lose to move and wait these animations.

      Is there a way to disable them and moving through items with less "elegance" but more quiclky?

      thank you for helping