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    Accessible Robohelp Implementation for POC demo


      I am trying to sell my group on the idea of converting all their documentation to Robohelp 9.

      Currently they have documentation in DOC, XLS, PPT, and HTML formats and residing in

      various locations.

      They have asked me to find a solution that will allow them to search all the documentation.
      I think RH is the perfect solution for their needs, and I've written a plan that documents that
      RH has all the features they say they want, but they are reluctant to bring in "yet another product"
      for their docs.

      I think they need to see a real live implementation to be convinced that this will work

      for them. They need to see how it works. Screenshots are not convincing enough.

      I have googled extensively and not found any RH implementations that I can point them
      to so they can see what it does. Are there any implementations I can send them to? Thanks.