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    Dynamic sortation of objects in a document

    elstinko Level 1

      I am designing a project management solution and i am not sure if the functionaility is natively built in to do what i want or if we need to hire a developer to use scripting ui.


      I created a project management document that is more pleasing to the eye than a spreadsheet but needs a sortation function. Each project is a block with text and a color bar that indicates project status and text that indicates priority.


      1. The content blocks are sorted in a table like layout with two columns. I was wanting to find a way to dymanically sort the objects by priority or color status without the need to cut and paste and shift objects around manually everytime projects change status and priority.


      2. Can i achieve through stylesheets the change of the colorbar dynamically without the need to select teh bar and mannually select the color value?



      If this is doable in InDesign natively can you point me to the propper documentation. If not can you tell me if its possible to develop within the scripting api.