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    Editing off of a Glyph Hard Drive

    TISHAY26 Level 1

      I recently acquired a Mac Pro Quad Core with 2.8GHz Intel Xeon W3530 and 6GB (3x2GB) RAM.  I've never had trouble working with MP4 files before until now.  When I work from the Glyph, with the MP4 files they go out of sync and the audio skips and stutters but only from a select group of MP4's.  If I transfer the files to my desktop and work from them there, they are fine; most bizarrely, if I transfer files from Glyph drive to desktop and back to Glyph drive, they are fine also. Any suggestions as to how I can continue working from my Glyph drive-it’s so much more convenient for me.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          This is caused by the fact that the Glyph further bottlenecks a system that is underpowered to start with, at least when you do not use the eSATA connection. Even with eSATA the Glyph is around 70% slower than a modern disk, but when using USB2 or FW400 it comes to a crawl. Add to that the very limited memory, the probable lack of hardware MPE, then there are numerous factors to cause this behavior.

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            TISHAY26 Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.  It is quite bizarre because I am now editing from the same footage off of a $100 WD drive, quite concerned with this Glyph issue because I have two 2TB Glyph drives and wanted to further my arsenal with an 8TB but not if I cannot use them to edit off of.