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    Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration isnot available on this system

    mawsr Level 1

      When using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 with a new system I brought 5 days a ago  I get the message MPE not available on this system.


      OS Win 7 Pro 64bit

      Inte i7 quadcore 2600k 3.4GHz 1155 CPU

      Intel DH67BL mATX mobo

      2x750GB Sata HD RAID 0

      16GB DDR3 1333 MHz

      Gigabtye Geforce GTX 570 OC 1280GB PCIe

      750 watts PSU


      According to the specs on Adobe website this system should work with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 MPE.


      Is there something I'm missing?


      Have anyone else had this problem before?


      I'm thinking maybe the card is defective.