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    Menus when not using Premiere templates


      I have used my own scene transitions not using a preset template.  Now I want to make a Menu Select Scene (manually, I guess) but don't know how  Can anyone help me, please?

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          Custom Menu Sets (note: PrE uses Menu Sets w/ a Main Menu and a Scene Selection Menu, and there are several necessary conventions, from file names to the layout, that MUST be followed, due to PrE doing much of the authoring semi-automatically), and it's almost always best to start with one of the included Menu Sets, and then adjust that in PS, or PSElements, following the exact conventions in the Template. Note: PSE cannot create Layer Sets, so you cannot create Buttons, but can do some Copy/Paste work. The full Photoshop has no such limitations.


          Whenever I need to create PrE Menu Sets, I will either start with a Template, or will at least have one Open, to make sure that I do not forget any of the necessary conventions.


          For some background on PrE Menu Sets, this ARTICLE might prove useful.


          For some additional discussions, this ARTICLE on Motion/Audio in Menus, might be useful.


          Steve Grisetti goes into great detail on PrE Menu Sets in his PrE & PSE books.



          Good luck,