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    BorderContainer vs Canvas


      I am in the process of converting a large project from an earlier SDK to 4.5.1. all has went well up until earlier this morning.


      Source and a few comments can be found here:






      The code is straight forward - I'm giving a couple illustrations below to better explain the problem.


      Thanks for any insight on this.



      Shawn Tomovick







      Correct image insert with Canvas - inserted image is on top of the orange background (Canvas) and under both the left and right margin objects.




      Bad insert with BorderContainer - inserted image is on top of the orange background - inserted image is also under the left margin (using index 0 of the addElementAt method fixed this from being on top of the gray GUI area)

      however, the inserted image is above the right margin - this is the bad part and needs to be fixed.  Any correct way of doing this? and still keep the BorderContainer?



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          Shongrunden Adobe Employee

          mx:Canvas had clipping enabled by default, but spark containers do not.


          You will want to use a custom BorderContainer skin that sets clipAndEnableScrolling="true", for example:





              import spark.skins.spark.BorderContainerSkin;


              public class CustomBorderContainerSkin extends BorderContainerSkin


                  public function CustomBorderContainerSkin()



                      clipAndEnableScrolling = true;






          <s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"




              <s:BorderContainer width="50" height="50" backgroundColor="red">

                  <s:Button label="looooonngg" />



              <s:BorderContainer width="50" height="50" backgroundColor="red" skinClass="CustomBorderContainerSkin" y="60">

                  <s:Button label="looooonngg" />




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            Themida Level 1

            Thanks much!  Was hoping i'd not have to come up with a hack...


            appreciate the thorough answer.