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    trouble calling SWF into another SWF...

      I am running Flash MX Pro 2004 and have rudimentary Flash skills (forgive me for being another newbie seeking help).

      I have a "master" SWF out of which I want other movies to run. For example, my current problem is that I have "child" SWF, which is a simple mc that has a "stop();" action on frame 1, then a hotSpot over the object (a jack-in-the-box) that is a button -- when clicked, the crank on the 'box turns and a crazy nurse pops out. (see it at http://www.pkids.org/GV/nurseJITB.swf). So, I want this to be part of a larger SWF ( http://www.pkids.org/GV/getVaxed.swf), so that when a mouse rests on the 'box, the mc runs. I was able to cause another mc to work w/in my "master" mc, but that mc (the plane) has no script attached. Maybe the script in the "child" mc is the problem?

      My script is simple: in the jack-in-box mc, I have the "stop();" action on the first frame of the 'box mc, and an "onClick goto and play" behavior attached to the hotspot button that operates the jack-in-box. In the master mc, I have (attached to the first frame):

      loadMovie("plane.swf", holder_plane);
      loadMovie("nurseJITB.swf", holder_nurseJITB);

      My goal is to have this "master" SWF that has SWFs inside it, some of which automatically play (like the plane in my above example), but others which are stopped until clicked or moused-over. I am hoping someone can help me understand what I'm doing wrong and/or what I should do to create these effects.

      Thank you for your time,
      F. Mayes