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    word doc import problems 1

    graham newman

      hi there,


      i've had a bit of a look on the net but i just see expensive plug-ins for this problem.


      i need to import a word doc into indesign cs3 that is 150 pages long so i need to see if indesign can automatically create as many pages as it needs when it imports.


      the only way i know at the moment is to click the little box bottom right of a text box [which is no longer red for some reason] where i've pasted all the copy, which loads the overflow to the cursor, and then navigate to a new page and click in the empty text box [with an apple + shift to unlock it from the masterpage] so that the overflow text enters that box and then repeat, repeat, repeat etc.


      considering this is the first time in 9 years or so of using indesign that this is a problem for me i don't really want to spend $79 and reduce an already small gain.


      thanks in advance, Graham.