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    Sound problem with microphone for narration


      I've got dell m45 with nvidia card running win 7 64 bit and pre9.  Try as i might to turn on the headset microphone to add a narration track nothing works. I

      Followed the instructions in adobe help, and made sure the headphone and mic are on in the sound settings... Finally resorted to sound recorder and had to import my narration sound file as new media..  Any clue how to get the microphone on in pre9?   Edit/preferences/audio hardware only shows one choice. It is checked already.. I don't see how to get any new options within adobe, such as selecting a different audio input option..  When i click the microphone icon, i get a message sayinf no input channel is selected and i should do the edit preferences thing to select one..  But i cannot find any input channel selection path.... Please help if you have a clue as to my situation and remedy..