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    Preview Window really laggy in PE8?

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      I just can't get the Preview Window to keep up.

      I'm looking for a setting that will reduce the resolution of the image and lower the overhead (the preview quality is very high right now, It looks as good as the final output, it used to be pretty blurry, but it ran smooth) but I can't find a way to change it.


      The sound and everything is working and keeps pace but it's hard to edit when the preview window lags and then skips ahead 5 seconds completely skipping transitions etc or just stops at one frame and sit there to the end of the clip.

      The video I have loaded right now is only one and a half minutes long and the video is coming in as a 1600 by 900 avi file.


      I always worked at 1200 by 900 before but I'm trying to switch to wide screen.


      Everything else seems to be working ok.


      I recently did a clean install of my operating system (Windows 7), I have a very fast computer, i7 at 3Ghz and 8 Gigs of ram along with an ATI 5870 I gig video card, and everything else is running really well except for PE8 and PE9.

      Both of them are not running as well as they did in the past.  I can run Lord of the Rings Online at 250 fps, it shouldn't have trouble running a little 2D preview window.


      Both of my hard drives are defragged, and clean of any malware or junk.


      PE9 was so bad I went back to PE8 but it's only slightly better.


      When I do output the edited video it looks fine, and runs smoothly.



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          Nohjekim Level 1



          I got it fixed, I removed both PE8 and PE9 using Revo Uninstaller.

          I cleaned everything out.


          I reinstalled PE9 in the default location and installed the update 9.0.1.


          I when I opened it up the old grainy Preview Window was back and it run normally again.


          I then discovered that somehow it had changed the Playback setting from Automatic to Highest, and that was the problem.

          I don't know how it got changed I had a lot of other things that were weird, for instance when I would open PE9 it wouldn't load all of the interface, just the preview window without the options on the right side of the screen, Organize, Edit etc.


          Anyway everything seems to be back to normal, and it no longer logs me in and tries to save all my files online either so I guess I'm all set.


          Now it's time to get back to work on my video.