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    Flash 11 will not install in Firefox


      So i just did my 6 month formating.  Installed all my drivers and then installed FireFox.  Went to youtube, of course flash was needed.  It tried to install the 10.3 but failed because of it being out of date i guess, but it directed me to adobe.  I downloaded the 64 bit installer for Windows 7 (yes, im running 64 bit win 7).  Installed it, it said it was succesful, it then opened up Firefox automatically and it said it was installed on the web page.


      But its not.  It works for programs such as steam that need it, but not for any of my browsers.  I tried it in IE 8 as well, and it too said I was missing the plugin.


      I then uninstalled it with the uninstaller from adobe, reinstalled, and still it doesnt work in any browser. 


      I did install shockwave and that is working fine, but not flash, please help.