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    Problem in accessing array collection inside another array collection

    yadavalli vidyasagar



           I am new to Adobe Flex and i have a requirement as follows:


                     I have an ArrayCollection in which i am trying to add another ArrayCollection(2nd) by populating  the 2nd array collection. While Retrieving the data from 2nd ArrayCollection Using the First ArrayCollection i am facing a problem and I could not retrieve the data properly . The Following code


      Action Script Class:



      class SourceOfsupplyClass



      public var prefSupplier:String;


      public var supplier:String;


      public var supplierName:String;


      public var contractNo:String;


      public var deliveryDate:String;


      public var location:String;


      public var supplierContractsArr:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection(); (2nd Array Collection)





      While Retrieving




      function check():void{



      (var i:int=0;i<cartItemsArr.length;i++){

      Alert.show(Application.application.SourceOfSupplyLocal[i].supplierContractsArr.length.toSt ring());      // Here SourceOfSupplyLocal is Ist ArrayCollection



      While running the application I am getting following result:


      Expected Result : 2nd Array collection length for index 0 is 0 and for index 1 is 1


      Actual result: but we are getting latest index array length for all the indices  means for index 0 and 1 both we are getting length as 1.


      Please reply to this post.


      Thank You


      Vidyasagar Y