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    Stuttery playback in Premiere (fine in Vegas)

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      Hello, I have only just started using Premiere, so my problem may be easy to solve. I have looked in the FAQ section, but the suggestion there did not work for me, thus the post here... Before Premiere I was editing exclusively on Vegas pro, which is why I have referred to it here (I am not trying to start a "Vegas can do it, so why can't Premiere?" fight!)


      The problem I have is that the video files from my Olympus FE-47 digital camera does not play smoothly in Premiere Pro CS5.5. It imports fine, and dispays correctly in the time line, but playback is stuttery - there appears to be dropped frames and repeated frames which makes it very difficult to edit. I tested the same videos in Vegas Pro 10, and playback is silky smooth, so I know the video file is not corrupt. (It also plays back perfectly in VLC player).


      The video is Motion JPEG in an AVI wrapper (according to gspot).


      Checking the properties of the clip reveals that it is 30fps progressive, pixel aspect ratio of 1.0, 320 x 240 resolution (QVGA). As far as I understand it, this resolution shouldn't be taxing to play back, even on my modest system: core2duo, 8GB DDR2 RAM, 512MB nVideo 8500GT graphics card, three hard drives (all 7200RPM, plenty of free space, video files on separate drive from OS), Vista Ultimate x64.


      I appreciate that the graphics card is underpowered and will be a bottleneck in some editing, but it happily plays back two streams of HDV at full resolution, so I don't believe the GPU is causing the stuttering playback.


      The FAQs say to start a new sequence with settings that match the media - drag the clip to the 'new' icon - which I have done, but this has no discernable impact.


      So, can anyone shed any light on the problem?


      Many thanks,