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    Multiuser protocol description

    toto.robert Level 1

      I'm currently writing a C++ library which provides a set of functions for interacting with a Shockwave Multiuser Server.
      According to this paper:
      when a client logs on the server, it should send an encrypted message:


      Message Encryption
      The logon packet sent from the client to the server contains the contents encrypted. The data is encrypted using the Blowfish algorithm, with a default key of "IPAddress resolution".

      If the special encryption key "#NoEncryption" is used, the logon packet will not be encrypted.

      If the encryption key specified by the user starts with "#All", all packets will be encrypted. In this case, the key will be the key supplied by the user with the "#All" prefix removed.

      If the user supplies an encryption key less than 20 bytes long, the user's key is appended with the string "IPAddress resolution" and used as the full Blowfish key.

      However, I find this part is not clear about how to choose and supply the encryption key, and the details about the message encryption/decryption in general (for example, I tried to decrypt a logon message of a working Director client using the Blowfish algorithm, with the default key "IPAddress resolution", but it didn't give me anything coherent).

      Anyway, if someone has already put his hands into the Multiuser client/server protocol, any help would be very much apreciated :)
      thanks in advance,