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    Exclude swf from CHM, include in WebHelp

    Jack DeLand Level 1

      RoboHelp as part of TCS 3.5; Win 7-64, 8GB RAM, 500MB free space.


      I'm trying to use a .swf file I created with Camtasia 7.1.1 (latest version) in a RoboHelp project that uses the same source for WebHelp and CHM output. To pull the swf into the HTML file, I did a drag and drop from Windows Explorer. This produces the following code:



      <p><object id="object1" data="Introduction to GlyphWorks.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"

                   style="border: none;" width="800" height="600">

      <param name="movie" value="Introduction to GlyphWorks.swf"  />

      <param name="quality" value="high"  />

      Loading multimedia control...</object></p>



      The file shows up in the Multimedia folder of Project Manager. It does not show up in the Baggage folder. It does appear in my WebHelp output folder correctly. The WebHelp plays the swf as it should.


      However, the swf is also being pulled into the CHM when I compile, which is not what I want.  I can use FAR to delete the swf from the output CHM, but this is not practical, since I do many builds.


      I want to exclude the file from inclusion in the CHM build (like using a conditional tag).  What's the best way to do this?