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    target interactions - failing

    k3dj Level 1

      I have followed these instructions and it just never works - can anyone tell me what is wrong with this 'how to' please - it's copied from the help guide

      Target Interactions

      You can build interactions whereby components can trigger transitions to other states in components other than the parent. For example, a button in a component can be used to trigger a state change in another component.

      To create an interaction that targets another component, follow these steps:

      1. Double-click the component that contains the component that will initiate the interaction.
      2. Select the component to which you wish to add the interaction.
      3. On the Interactions panel, choose Add Interaction.
      4. Select the event you wish to use, and choose Play Transition to State.
      5. Select Choose Target.
      6. Choose Select Other Item.
      7. Use your mouse to select the other component. You can use the Breadcrumbs bar to exit editing mode for the component if you need to select a component at a different level in the application.
      8. Click Select.
      9. Choose the state of the other component.
      10. Click OK.