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    How to start the page count from second page (first is title)

    Ian Harries

      Hi all,


      I have been using Livecycle for a little while now and think I have got to grips with quite a bit of it to make some fairly simple interactive forms, but I have started to make more complex forms now and although I am able to work a lot of things out, one thing has stumped me. There are lots of threads about page numbering, but none seem to address my problem: I wish to have a 'page number' on the master page (done that) but I have 2 master pages, one is used for the first page (then not at all) and the second master page is used after that, that is the one with the page count on, that way the page number appears at the bottom on every page, apart from the first one. I need a way for the count to 'skip' the first page (as this is a title page and I do not want that numbered) and start numbering from page two of the form, but have it numbered as page 1.


      So basically the document will be Title page (no numbering), then pages after that of the form, starting from '1' shown on the bottom- it is a dynamic form that may change length as the user adds to it. Is there a script that I need to use, and if so how should I implement it? Any help would be appreciated, apologies if this is not very clear!