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    menu bar pop-up menu help


      i have created a menu bar, with an image. when you place the mouse over the image a pop-up menu apperas with 4 options (about us, contact, services, projects) is there a way i can have a text box open that contains the proper information for each one open when you click on it and then close when you click on a different one. also after a given amout of time have the box disapper like a pop up menu.


      i have cs5, i dont know much about webdesign so if you could plesae give detailed suggestions. thanks

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Tht's what's known in the trade as mystery meat navigation. If the viewer doesn't mouse over the image, they will never find the navigation. To be practical and usable by most people, top level navigation elements need be visible at all times. You will not be able to do what you want with pop-up memus in Fireworks anyway. Use Fireworks for creating the images. Use Dreamweaver for writing the code.

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            smooth_ey Level 1

            thats a good point i know where to place the mouse to see it but most of the people visiting my site would just assume there is nothing.