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    AE CS5 - render is fast but my cpu don't use cores to 100% while rendering?!!!


      So first of all i wan't to say that i am new to the forum and congrate to the Adobe for their best products and thanks in advance if you can help me about my questions .
      So as the title says im still worrying about my new upgraded cpu which is Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad 2.66GHz, i thought to replace motherboard and to get something better cpu like an Core i5 or Core i7 but that's it my budget was limited and i bought this cpu Q8400 to upgrade my older E7300 and so about AE CS5 while im rendering i get fast render but cores won't goes to 100% but just around 30-50% usage and ram memory goes to 3.48GB usage of total 4.00GB so is this normally that it doesn't use fully my cpu or not? thanks!