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    can't edit xdcam HD 422 in CS5.5


      I can't figure out why I can't play any XDCAM HD 422 footage in PPRO 5.5

      When I first open PPRO I can usually play a take in the source window once. If I try to play the same footage a second time the source monitor goes black.

      That also happens if I open the footage in the timeline.

      Do you think I have a bug in the software?

      My specs are up to the requirements for CS5.5.

      Anybody with the same problem?


      Paulo Zero

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Hard to answer with Zero information. Hardware, OS, version, drivers, plug-ins, cards, etc.???

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            paulozero Level 1


            Sorry about the lack of info.

            Here it goes: Dell precision 6600

                                Intel core I7vpro

                                16 Gig of RAM 1.66

                                 2 750Gig hard disks in raid 0.

                                NVIDIA 4000M card

                                Production suite 5.5

            Any clue about whats happening with my set up?

            Thanks again for your attention,

            Paulo Zero




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              Philly T

              Having the same problem here Paulo. Exactly the same symptoms.


              Can't play any XDCAM HD 422 footage in PPRO 5.5 on a timeline with same settings as my footage (XDCAM HD 422 1080i50).


              Can't be a problem with my machine. We built it purely for CS5.5 performance:

              Mac Pro

              2 x 2.9 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon

              24 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

              NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac (CUDA Driver Version: 4.0.50)

              Prem Pro CS5.5 (version 5.5.2)

              Running from Tigersan RAID setup with 800MB/s speed


              Can anyone please shed some light on this?

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                I'm having the exact same problem as well in CS 5.5 on a Windows 7 system trying to play back XDCAM HD 422 1080p30.  The first few clips preview properly, and I can scrub 1 clip in the timeline for a short time, but then the monitors go black.  If I mix in some P2 DVCPRO footage, that always plays properly.  If I delete the XDCAM footage from the timeline - leaving only P2 footage, it will let me scrub the P2 footage perfectly.


                I've tried multiple nVidia drivers and internal and external drive options.  Various playback quality settings, clearing caches and moving them to different drives - nothing seems to help.


                System is HP Workstation with 2 x 2.4 GHz Core2 Quad CPUs

                8 GB 6400 DDR2 Ram

                Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 X2 display card

                Prem Pro CS5.5.2

                Blackmagic Intensity Pro


                I just downloaded the CS6 trial - I'll see how that goes.

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                  johnEstudio Level 1

                  Ok well CS6 had it's own problems with the footage - it kept giving me the message "the importer encountered a generic error" - thanks Adobe for the extremely unhelpful error message.


                  I believe (though this is just a guess) that the problem stems from the process of copying the footage from the optical discs to a hard drive - in my case I used a Sony PDW-U1 XDCAM drive to copy to a Westerm Digital USB hard drive.  I thought I kept the file structure intact by simply dragging the entire contents of each optical disc to a folder on the USB drive named Disc 01, Disc 02 and so on.  When I browsed to those folders using the Adobe Media Browser it displayed the clips correctly - so it certainly seemed like it should work - yet for some reason it didn't - repeatedly.


                  I found a 'reasonable' work-around that I know works with CS6 and CS5.5 - you simply convert the MXF file to MXF OP1A using Adobe Media Encoder.  If you make your output options the same as your source footage it's lossless and encodes at near real time (or better, depending on your system.)  Once the files have been converted they load right in to Premiere just as you'd expect.


                  In my case I didn't need audio so I just opened windows explorer and did a search in the XDCAM HD422 CLPR folder by putting '?????V??.MXF' in the search bar.  I then copied the found files into a new folder, and made that folder a 'watch' folder in Adobe Media Encoder and let it plug away for a couple hours. 


                  I suppose I should be thankful that Adobe's Media Encoder at least works as promised, but after THREE lost days spent pulling my hair out while trying every conceivable combination of drivers, software versions, computer systems and so on - the only thank you I have for Adobe is "Thanks for nothing."


                  It's obvious they were aware of XDCAM issues with CS5, such as the well documented looping audio problem, among others - yet they didn't and still haven't addressed it, and obviously they never will.  I know it's unreasonable to expect every bug to be fixed in a program as complicated as Premiere, but this one really frustrated the hell out of me.  I was about to buy a new laptop just to see if that would help.  Thankfully I left Best Buy without buying one since it turns out my old system(s) are perfectly capable of handling XDCAM HD 422.