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    Download PRE10 Dutch

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      Hi all,


      Yesterday I bought and downloaded the Dutch version of PSE10 + PRE 10; however no trace of a 64-bit version of PRE10, only the 32-bi variant can be downloaded.


      Has somebody else the same experience or is this restricted to the Dutch version?






      Greetings from Portugal

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          AllieBPort Level 1



          At the end of the day the solution is quite simple. After days of searching I downloaded the trialversion which you can get as a 64-bit Dutch version. During installatation I put the valid serials of the 32-bit version into the screen and the installation runs fine.


          After that I installed the content, which was already downloaded together with te 32-bit version. Surprisingly these content was installed in the map Program Files (x86) and not together with the 64-bit version in the map Program Files.


          Does somebody know if this is correct?


          Thanks anyway,


          AllieB from Portugal.

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            AllieBPort Level 1

            Update 2:


            After all the content in the map Program Files (x86) in´t correct. When starting PRE10 you get a message, warning you that the content isn´t complete and you need to download or install the other content.


            Here is the solution to disinstall the content from the x86 Program file and install again in the 64 bit Program File, although it is a 32-bit part of the program.


            As far as I now tested it works fine that way.


            Thanks for reading this,


            AllieB from Portugal