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    Editing objects on different pages - simultaneously?

    mike.n03 Level 1

      So I'm working with a document that currently contains 50+ pages. I've got a few questions:



      1.) How can you select  objects on different pages and - say - move them together?


      2.) I want to do this:


      All text boxes are currently independent - not conected with each other. The green boxes serve as titles for the blue boxes that contain body text.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          1. You can't

          2. I have no idea what you're trying accomplish.



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            mike.n03 Level 1

            1.) What? What about using scripts?


            2.) I want to insert some text inbetween two paragraphs. And I want all the paragrafs that that lie lower on the page/document to move down accordingly to the change.


            Imagine you have a text in Word with a lot of paragraphs. When you insert a paragraph somewhere in the middle, all objects that lie lower one the page (and on next pages) move down. That's what I'm trying to accomplish in Indesign.

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              Michael Gianino Level 4

              Are we talking about objects or text? Your first post suggests you want to move objects, but your reply suggests you want to move text.


              If all of the object that you have already placed in the document are free-standing (just sitting on the page), you have to move them manually. If, in the future, you would like to have control over this type of situation, you can anchor the objects within a chain of text frames, and they will act the way text does. To anchor an object, copy it with the item tool, switch to the text tool, place the text cursor within a text frame where you would like the object to be and paste.

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                mike.n03 Level 1

                Hi, I'm back.


                They are text boxes that are NOT connected with each other. And I've got more than 50 pages of them. So how can I insert a text box somewhere in the middle of the document, without manually moving all the objects that lies lower on the documnt - to make space and keep the order of the paragraphs?


                I guess I could connect them and then insert text. Is there quick a way to connect around 150 textboxes?


                As for the editing all objects on different pages: Can you somehow edit the structure of the document too get all (50) pages on one spread - side by side - then edit the objects simultaneously and edit the document back to two pages per spread?

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  There's a text stitch script for threading frames at Rorohiko.com that might help. It could also be a disaster if your frames are larger than required for the contained text or don't have paaragraph returns at the end (not sure if the script will add those).Test it on a copy of the file.


                  ID has a ten-pages-per-spread limit.

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                    M Blackburn Level 3

                    Assuming I am properly interpreting your situation, you have two issues. First, the blue boxes need to be threaded into one continuous story: one frame per page, frames linked page to page, spacing between blocks set up with paragraph styles and paragraph space before and after, and with keeps values to avoid awkward breaks. Second, the green boxes (and technically they should be included in the thread) need to be anchored with their respective blue text. Unfortunately to do this properly is almost to redo it.

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                      Stix Hart Level 5

                      I would make all those smaller text boxes anchored in a larger text box.  Then when you add in another one the whole lot will move.  If they need to be lined up with the other one group them together before anchoring.  There's definitely a way to get it to work, but there's no way to do it at one fell swoop, you have to cut the objects individually and paste them into a text box.

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                        RorohikoKris Level 2

                        Hi mike.n03


                        With regards to question 1: that can accomplished with our LayerLifter tool. If you make sure the blue frames are all on one layer, and the green all on another, LayerLifter has an optional fuction to shift all elements on a layer throughout the whole document.




                        Caveat: It's an option that is only available to people who have a licensed version of APID ToolAssistant installed. However, if you've never before installed any of our tools before, you might be able to use the demo version (you can try things out for 20 days).


                        With regards to Peter's remark and TextStitch: TextStitch can insert frame breaks if desired while stitching - but I am not clear on whether that would do what you want...