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    ADE duplicating books

    JH Pope

      My ADE sometimes goes and duplicates the majority of the books in my library, it then when I am in the process of deleting these extra books it decides to duplicate them all over again. Anyone have any ideas on:-

      a). how to stop this happening

      b). getting rid of the extra books, when it is only letting me delete 1-3 books at a time

      and yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled and all it did was duplicate for a 4th time

      so please help


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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I can't tell you why they've been 'duplicated' - sorry.  But I can tell you

          how to delete bunches of them at one time.


          The method I'd recommend is pretty technical, so if you don't feel

          comfortable with 'computer code', then maybe someone else can come up with

          another idea.  I am going to assume that you know how to use some of the

          utility programs on your Windows computer (please don't respond and say

          you're using a MAC....).


          There is a file called 'Manifest.xml' residing in your digital editions

          folder.  That file is the index for ADE, and contains information about all

          of the ebooks in your library.  XML files are text files, so they can be

          edited by a number of programs.  I use Notepad.


          First, make a copy of the file and name it something different, like

          'oldmanifest'.  Then using Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer), display

          the directory for Adobe and locate the 'manifest,xml' file.  Right click on

          it and choose 'Open With' from the drop-down menu.  Then choose 'Notepad'

          and click on it.


          When the file opens, you'll see the first few entries deal with the way ADE

          is going to operate.  Then, you'll see repeating entries for ebooks in your

          library.  You can highlight groups of entries and delete them.


          When you are done, save the file.  Then, when you open ADE, you should see

          only as many entries as you left in the file.


          Hopefully, someone else can tell us what's going on....


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            JH Pope Level 1

            Thanks, that was mostly helpful my slight problem is what to delete as this is what turns up on Notepad when I followed your suggestion and I don't know what to delete












                  <dc:title>High Rhulain</dc:title>

                  <dc:creator>Brian Jacques</dc:creator>

                  <dc:publisher>Penguin Group UK</dc:publisher>

                  <dc:identifier>URN:ISBN: 978-0-14-194190-5</dc:identifier>


                  <dc:format xsi:type="dcterms:MIME">application/epub+zip</dc:format>


                  <de:localPath relative="true">High_Rhulain.epub</de:localPath>



                  <dc:extent xsi:type="de:pageCount">345</dc:extent>











                  <dc:title>High Stakes Bride</dc:title>



            so any ideas as the book High Rhulan is repeated at least 3 if not 4 times, unfortuantly ADE is claiming that there are over 8000 books and so it is now very slow and i can wait a good 10-15 min while it loads so i couldn't check

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              All of those 'content record's are descriptions of the ebooks that ADE

              thinks are in the library.  You have furnished one of them that starts - and

              ends - with "de:content record".  So, you could highlight all of them but

              one and press the DELETE key.