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    indesign cs3 automatic cut and paste footnotes from one doc. to another


      Dear Indesign Scripters,


      I making a digital copy of the BIble. The Bible is divided into chapters and verses. Each one of my verses has a footnote reference (thanks to Jongware).







      5Shall not Sion say: This man and that man is born in her? and the Highest himself hath founded her. 6 The Lord shall tell in his writings of peoples and of princes, of them that have been in her. 7 The dwelling in thee is as it were of all rejoicing.


      the footnotes read thusly:






      I have in a seperate document alll the fotnotes that I have been cutting a pasting from the one document into the main Bible text footnotes


      86:5. Shall not Sion sa...

      86:6. Writings. He alone can ...

      86:7. The dwelling, &c. Heb. "the...

      so how can I tell Indesign to take the footnotes from one document and plug it in the footnote reference in the other document?

      If that makes sense?

      thanks for the help.