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    Adobe reader x eats up my memory


      I run my adobe reader x (10.1.1) on windows 7. In most cases, when i open the first pdf file, everything works fine. Problem occurs when i try to open the second one. The reader stop working and the memory usage goes up to like 1.6 Gb and keeps increasing. I have to end the prcess before it eats up all my memory. But for some other files, like the pdf file from http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U0370.pdf, i cannot open at all. Is it a universal problem or just a special case happen to me?


      Thank you for the reply.

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          pwillener Level 8

          Is that happening with local PDF files, or online documents?  Also, when that happens, do you see (in Task Manager) multiple instances of Adobe Reader, and are all of them acquiring memory?


          Finally, that PDF you linked, what happens if you try to open it?  (I have no problems opening it.)

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            cj_wang Level 1

            it happens to both. I can see multiple instances of Adobe Reader, only one of them is acquiring large amount of memory


            As for the pdf i linked, when i tried to opening it, everything stucked. Two processes of adobe reader were shown in task manager, and one of them used up almost all memeory. So i had to terminated it. For other pdf files which caused problems (when they are opend as a second pdf file), i can always reopen it as a first pdf file without problem. This one is different; i can never open it, no matter open it directly or download it and open it locally. i don't know why.


            One thing stranged is that this issue never happened before until two days ago, i used to open 10+ pdf file for paper reviewing.


            Thanks for your reply.

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              cj_wang Level 1

              Is anybody experiencing the same issue? One update for this problem is that now my adobe reader always uses 1.6 Gb Ram no matter what pdf files i open. if i'm luck the usage will not increase. Otherwise, i have to stop it forcedly. Anyone knows what is wrong. I don't believe this is normal for such a software.


              Thanks in advance.

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                This has started happening with me as well, from last two days. I thought my removing of adobe reader update from startup caused it, or the fast start service that I removed from auto-starting. Now even with both of them enabled on startup, the reader still goes to 1.5 Gb. Whats happening ? if this continuous, I'd have explore other reader options. Looks like some major tech bug in their latest release. my version is 10.1.1

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                  I have exactly the same problem.  Reader X seems to use huge amounts of ram...some pdf files open ok.  others, even if they are small pdf files,consume up to 2.5gb of memory.  adobe then either comes up with 'out of memory' error, or for some files it eventually opens but then I see the reader is using 1.6gb to open a 250k pdf!  This started after I installed reader X.....I have removed all other adobe stuff, reinstalled, tried the repair routine....nothing works


                  windows 7 64bit


                  Anyone found a solution?