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    How to call our WebHelp Pro "Welcome" page

    Alberti Level 1

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      I am the content developer and I need to give our network admins the correct address to distribute for the start page. Must this page be named "Index.htm" or can it be something else that we specify as the default page?


      I understand this works differently for WebHelp Pro than for WebHelp.


      Can anyone clarify for me the "best practice" for naming the start page when generating the WebHelp Pro and when distributing the URL to users, creating hyperlinks into the Help and so on.


      Also, how to create URLs that open specific pages with the TOC frame already open.




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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Index.htm is not the default page, it is the starter page. The difference being that the starter page is the three frames that hold the toolbar, the navigation pane and the topic pane. The topic pane is what displays the default topic.


          If follows that content should not have a topic the filename index.htm as RoboHelp will have to rename one of them.


          If you were referring to the starter page, then Colum's blog will tell you more. http://www.cmcandrew.com/robocolumn/archives/2693


          I know that Colum has used it without problems but the Adobe line is that it is not supported. I think the reason for that is simply that it has not been tested but I do not know that for certain. Your call.


          Is there some reason for objecting to index.htm?


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