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    CS5 - Book 'File Info'


      I am creating a book for a friend that is several chapters long. It will be viewed as a PDF. I would LIKE to be able to add FileInfo to the book, but I can not figure out how to apply it to the whole book. Will I have to apply it to every single chapter? Is it even -possible- to add FileInfo to a book?

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          David W. Goodrich Level 3

          When you export an InDesign "book" to PDF, the XMP metadata for the first item in the book is transferred to the PDF, and that for subsequent files is ignored.  If I recall correctly, the only elements within a PDF that can have their own XMP metadata are continuous-tone images.



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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP



            It's not necessarily the first item in the book, it's the chapter designed as the Style Source that provides the metadata for the book. In the book panel, the little Style Source icon in the left column can be clicked to select any chapter in the book, but I'd usually choose the first chapter. That is also the chapter whose content is used to sychronize styles, swatches, etc.

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              David W. Goodrich Level 3

              Thank you, Steve, I stand corrected.  I guess I should have known it wouldn't be so simple as FIFO.  (I know I've done books where I set something after the frontmatter to be the Style Source, but couldn't turn up an example quickly.)


              Meantime, if the OP still wants individual metadata for chapters, PDF Portfolios might be the answer.  And if the OP wants to pursue the issue, the technical term for individualized metadata within a PDF is "object-level metadata."



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                Quierta Level 1

                @ David: I did want to add it to the whole book so it's not an issue of adding the metadata for each chapter. Thank you for pointing me to the technical term, too!


                @ Steve: Thank you so much for the clarified answer!


                You've both been a great help.