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    Project not compatible...


      I recently deinstalled and reinstalled PRE 10 to a new computer.

      Apparently all was OK and I could see runniing the program normally.

      But after the next day when I restarted the programm I received this message " The project is not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements" ????

      Has anubody an idea of what is happening??

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          The only thing that I can think of is that with a new installation, there are several modules that must be registered, as they are licensed by 3rd parties. This usually takes place transparently, and automatically, if one has an Internet connection on that computer. It sounds as though some modules have not registered properly, but this is but a guess on my part.


          If no one here has a cure, I would recommend calling Adobe T/S directly.


          Good luck,



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            HugoPilar Level 1


            I tiried your proposall who sounds very logical but didn´t solve the problem.

            I will try to connect to the support center

            Thanks you



            Today a deinstalled and reinstalled PRE10 and the problem dissapeared.

            I hope that this is final.