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    Theme re-ordering clips

    rbpenn Level 1

      I have searched for an answer to this and come up emtpy, so if you know of a thread that already addresses it I apologize; please just point me there.


      I am using Premiere Elements 7. I know, but I can't afford to upgrade right now, and until now it has always worked just fine for me.


      Today, though, a friend needed a slide show of a bunch of images made into a video, so I figured throw them into a Quick Movie, slap a slideshow theme on it, apply his music, and done. That's what it's for, right?


      However, regardless of what the images are named (I tried renaming them all in the same case and with order numbers, eg 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg, etc.) or how they are ordered (they appear in the right order in the Organize Content pane), when I create the movie, Premiere changes the order of the images around for no reason whatsoever. So I tried putting the images on the timeline manually in the order I want them, then applying the theme. It still takes the images and re-orders them just to piss me off.  This makes the whole thing useless. I can't use the images in a random order. They need to be in the order I put them.


      I know I can deselect "Auto Edit" and then it won't change the order. However, it also then disables the ability to match the duration to the music, which is really my whole point in doing this (the theme transitions and effects are nice, but not required). The real thing I need to do with this is to match the music length without having to manually adjust every image, and then re-adjust every time I might want to add or remove an image from the slide show. I don't know why it can't "Auto Edit" without changing the image order. There is no reason to whatsoever. They're just images.


      Please help!