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    What effect does a transform function have on the _parent command


      I am trying to load an image onto a symbol in a symbol, that is spinning via timeline>transform and forms a symbol called spinner1, spinner2. etc. I want every holder to be a different image and one use suggested using the _parent function with a substring function. Will the transform mess this up?

      I was suggested to try:


      Which as I understand it tells any instance of the symbol "holder" to load an image called "image(the seventh letter of the parent symbol)x" So for any instance of holder in spinner1 it will load image1x.

      My images are assigned using the following:

      var image10:String = "logo/jamon.gif"; etc.

      "holder" is in "spinner_components"
      The symbol "spinner" contains "spinner_components" spinning using the transform function.

      Therefore I also tried the code as:


      and also


      Neither worked.
      Is it the transform function that is messing it all up? or some syntax?