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    Camera Lens Blur CS5.5


      Hello. I just installed the new Creative Suite CS5.5 specially for the new features like warp stabilizer and Camera lens blur


      I have even upgraded my PC to Intel core i7 - 2nd Generation processor with a normal basic graphic card. As I could not afford a really good one.



      My question is..... about the feature Camera Lens Blur.


      Inspite of having a very fast processor, the effect Camera Lens Blur takes forever to render..... even at Third or Quarter resolution...... And I am not even rendering a video. I am rendering a Jpeg photo.
      why does it happen so? even at such small preview resolution and such fast PC ???


      Any solution to make it faster?


      I do know....effects like reduce noise and blurs take time....but this takes tooo much even on a JPEG..... So i am afraid....it might take toooo much on a HD video....


      Help me regarding this



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          Priyank_08 Level 1

          And I have 12 GB of RAM installed too.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            What's the comp size? What settings do you use on teh effect? Is OpenGL used? The speed is primarily defined by how large the actual blur is and from personal experience anything larger than 100 pixels will still take forever, even if it is notably better than the "old" Lens Blur in previous versions. that is to say that within the limitations of the effect this could be perfectly normal...



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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I'll bet your JPEG is huge, right?  After Effects has to calculate the blur at the resolution of the object within the comp, so if your JPEG is 5000x5000 pixels, even though your comp is only 1920x1080, After Effects has to calculate the blur on all those extra pixels. 


              The solution is to reduce the resolution of your image to the lowest practical size, without reducing it to the point that it will need to be scaled beyond 100% in your comp.

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                Priyank_08 Level 1

                Thanks a lot Mylenium and Andrew.


                The jpeg was having a huge size of around 4000 by 5000 pixels ........ And I hadnt even Put the fast previews to OpenGL interactive. I reduced the resoution of the Jpeg. And now after doing both...... I am getting awesome reder speed even arnd 150 blur


                Thanks a lot again..