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    Adone flash player not working after upgrade


      I have Windows Vista, but using IE 8, 32 bit, I was keep on getting upgrade pop ups, got sick of it and upgrade to new version 11, since than flash player is not working. In youtube, just black screen.

      I unistall through adobe website.


      close all all browsers.

      install again, no luck.

      Active X is enable in IE.

      internet options, security level is Medium.

      In manage add ons, shockwave flash object is there and enable, shockwave Activex is there and enable, Java plug ins are enable.

      remove Firefox, and tried all steps

      C:\windows\system  remove flash folder

      Start, Explore, remove flash folder from Adobe and Macromdedia

      delete, restart, install, no luck

      delete, restart, install 10.3

      no luck

      also I save adobe flash player 11 and 10.3 on desktop and run from there.


      (One thing I did notice that I open IE 32 bit to install, when I try to unistall from adobe site for 32 bit, it tells me to use 64 bit unistall, when I use 64 bit, it will unistall the adobe player, but if I check IE 64 bit, there is no shockwave flash object and shockwave ActiveX control, but they do exit under IE 32 bit after installing)


      Who is the genious, who can guide me in the right direction. I am missing one step, somewhere.

      At this point I do not care about flash player 11, I just want flash player to work, even 10.3.


      also CPU P8400 @ 2.27GHZ, do I need better processor to run 11?

      ram 4gb