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    color correction flexibility


      Please advise if this is possible, or what the best options are.


      I'd like to color correct my 4k R3D feature in Premiere CS5 without exporting to a different format or bouncing back and forth between Mac and PC (I'm on PC).  Ideally I would use a plugin that closely resembles the interface of professional color grading systems and has power windows, motion tracking, etc.  My main goal is to be able to color correct from the timeline and then immediatelyl play the result in real time without rendering.  I usually play my 4k footage in real time at 1/4 resolution in Premiere.


      I've read about Colorista II and Color Finesse, but it seems that (at least in the past) after you apply the plugin you won't be able to watch the corrected footage in real time.  I've also read that once you go into Afer Effects, you can't watch the timeline in real time, either.


      What are my options?  Can Colorista II or Color Finesse work in real time now?  If not, what are the best options for color-correcting so that I can continue to alter the project in the original timeline and watch it in real time?


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