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    Premiere Won't Play

    Peter Wiley Level 1

      I am new to Premiere Pro.


      Today the program lost its capacity to play anything from the timeline. JKL keys have no effect. Spacebar has no effect. Double clicking on a clip in the timeline does nothing. Both the source and program windows remain black. When I click on the play button under the program window it changes from the play button to the stop button, but it does not play. When I double click on a clip in the project window the clip does appear in the source window and will play.


      When I double click on a clip in the timeline and then click on the program window, the clip will appear in the program window. However, if I then push the JKL keys, the program window goes back to black. Scrubbing the playhead accross the timeline does produce a change in the audio meters, but nothing happens in the program window.


      I am baffled. Can some suggest what's wrong or what I've done to produce this behavior?


      I am using a Mac 2x2.4 Quad Core Intel Xeon. OSX 10.6.8. 20GB Memory. I have a Matrox MXO2 LE Max connected. Software version Squence setting Editing Mode is "Matrox Player". Footage being edited orginated on a Canon 60D and is full HD.