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    New problem printing from InDesign CS4 in Lion


      After having great success with Aisolve's earlier fix on printing from InDesign CS4 after upgrading to Lion, I'm having a new problems after installing the OS X 10.7.2 upgrade last week. When I try to print from  InDesign CS4 and Illustrator CS4 to my Lanier 445c/Ricoh C4500 at my workplace I get the following error message:


      "Printing Error: The Adobe Print Engine has failed to output your data due to an unknown problem."


      This seems like a different issue this time, as I'm able to print to my home printers, an HP LasertJet 2600n and an HP Photosmart C4270. I thought it might be a printer driver problems, but I've gone to Lanier's site and they don't have any new printer drivers for Mac OS X 10.7.


      I also some research on Adobe's site, and found this message affecting CS1, 2 & 3. I tried the only fix that seemed to apply to me, which was re-naming/deleting the InDesign Deafults and InDesign SavedData files. (I have this problems even when I'm printing a text-only file without any graphics.) This fix didn't work.


      I can print to the Lanier/Ricoh from Acrobat 9, and all my non-Adobe software just fine, so my work-around to date has been exporting to PDF and printing from there. My big problem is that I need the "Print Booklet" feature in InDesign for a big job I've got coming up this week. Can't do that from Acrobat. :-(


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          I wanted to add that I downloaded the trial for InDesign CS5.5, and am having the same problem. Don't know if that sheds any light on things or not.

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            Im using CS3 & every print request crashes it. It works fine to export to PDF to print, but I hope this is the future of my life. I dont want to upg to later InDesigns as I exchange work with others in CS3 form & they arent compatible.

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              I think I may be able to help you with this problem, which I was having with CS4 when I first upgraded to Lion, and others were having with CS3. This fix is courtesy of Aisolve on these discussion boards:


              Remove the Adobe PDF PPDs from the following folders:








              Be sure to go to your system Library, not your user Library.


              Also, regarding my current problem, I spoke with an Apple tech person and found that the 10.7.2 upgrade apparently is the culprit, and is incompatible with wireless printing to my Lanier printer. I CAN print connected through USB. That's a work-around for now, but I'll need to contact Lanier about upgrading their driver for OS X 10.7.2.


              Aisolve was helping me with this issue, too, and assures me that if I'm able to generate a postscript file (which I was), and able to generate a PDF by distlling it through Adobe Distiller (which I am), then I can safely assume that the problem lies with the hardware, in this case the printer driver. This lines up with what Apple told me.

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                Thank you very much. That was indeed the problem.