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    Removing unused baggage (PDF) from WebHelp

    DiMost Level 1
      Problem: Can't delete unused PDFs from Baggage in WebHelp

      Background: Taking apart my huge WebHelp file and breaking it out into separate files using Peter Grainge's Merged WebHelp ( http://www.grainge.org/) has worked quite well. As a reminder, the original project has hundreds (thousands?) of topics and a a PDF file attached (that the user can download) for almost every topic.

      I used the original (huge) file to create each new subsection, then deleted all the unneeded books (and pages) keeping the new subsection topics. Removing the HTML topics was easy. Getting rid of the PDFs has proved impossible.

      I have tried the suggestions posted here for removing baggage files (including editing the rhbag.apj file to change the user added "false" entry to "true") with no success.

      Any suggestions are welcome. At this point, my Generated file folders are over 1GIG because of the duplicate PDFs that are not used in the subproject. Each subproject (except one) links to between five and ten PDFs, not every PDF that was in the overall file.

      Suggestions would be most welcome, and thanks in advance!

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          HKabaker Level 2

          I don't know what you've tried, but these are the steps I would take.

          1. With the project open in RH, open the baggage files directory in the project explorer and delete any that don't belong there. RH may or may not do this, and even if it does seem to delete them from the project, it leaves them in the project folder.

          2. With project closed, open the project folder and delete any that don't belong.

          3. With the project closed, launch MS Access and open the project.cpd file.
          Under "Tables" you'll see BaggageFileList and BaggageFileReferences.

          4. Open BaggageFileList and study its contents. Are there duplicates? Are files listed that you "threw away" a long time ago? It is safe (assuming you have backed everything up) to delete lines from this table, and RH probably will forget they were ever there.

          5. BaggageFIleReferences shows links from topics to baggage files. If a file is referenced only in the TOC, it's not listed here.

          The Baggage File ID corresponds to the ID in the BaggageFileList table. You may have some entries that don't make sense -- references to topics that don't exist any more in the file table.

          6. The Topic ID in the baggage references table table corresponds to the Topic ID in the Topic List table. Are there entries in the references table to topics that don't exist in the project?

          After you save the revised database (by the way, consider running a database Compact and Repair from the Access Tools menu), open it the project in RH and see what's in the project directory.

          I don't know how the rhbag.apj file fits in -- whether RH rebuilds it according to the CPD tables, or it has a life of its own and somehow informs the WebHelp generator. So you may have to work on this file after you clean up the database.

          I hope this helps.