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    How do I display the web address with Adobe PDF Reader 10.1.1 & IE 9 x64?


      Until a week ago, I was using IE 9 32-bit version together with Adobe PDF Reader 10.1.1.   When I would try to open a PDF file from within the browser, it would and the Web Address would continue to display at the top of the window while browing the PDF document. I could then continue using IE 9 and move on to other pages and etc...


      Now, I have swtiched to using the IE 9 64-bit version. What happens now is that when I enter an address in the web browser and it's a direct link to a PDF file example: https://www.technicalindicatorindex.com/newsletter/bpdf/TII_Newsletter _1686a_10.11.11_7055475115.pdf ), it opens up with no problems, but I no longer see the IE 9 Web Address shown anywhere. So in essence, that page becomes a Adobe PDF program window and I loose my IE 9 access. I guess the PDF files are no longer displayed within the browser (althought I have it check ON).


      Am I missing something?