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    How to adjust the red recording window pane

    heidikararamining Level 1


      I'm having trouble trying to find the settings, preferences to make the red square recording window bigger. I can move the whole square around but it won't let me make the height or width bigger which means the window is cutting off important information for the users.

      Is this the mode I'm recording in or is there a setting somewhere I haven't found yet?


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Welcome to our community


          You configure the size of the recording area as an initial step. But once you have established the size, you cannot change it later and record new segments at a different size.


          What you are describing suggests that this is what you are trying to do. Perhaps if you can describe exactly what you are trying to do and how you want things to work we might offer alternatives or other suggestions.


          Cheers... Rick


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            heidikararamining Level 1

            HI Rich

            Thanks for your reply.

            Yes I think this is what I am doing as I remember setting up the slides size initally but what I am wanting to achieve is to have 3 template slides which I will want to slot into the training demonstrations.

            So I'm guessing here what I need to do is recreate these templates on a new project with the correct screen size? Does this sounds correct, and if that's the case then where abouts do you specify or change the screen size (red square box) in set up process?

            Another question now pops to mind, Is there a way to create and apply tempates?

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              It helps if you mention the version you are using. Especially about templates: CP4 had design and project templates, CP5/5.5 have only project templates, because the functionality of the design template is now in the object style manager.


              Template is created either from the introductory dialog box or from the Project menu. Normally you cannot change an existing project into a template, although in a lot of cases just changing the extension CPTX to CPTL provides you with a template.


              To use a template you have to create the new project based on that template. Because you ask about 'apply template' I'm wondering if you were not pointing to a design template?



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                heidikararamining Level 1

                Hi Lilybiri


                I am using Captivate 5.

                I'm a little confused about what your saying.


                So I've created a front cover and back page with the correct colour on the text boxes i'm just not sure how to then apply these same settings to the recorded slides once I've finished recording.


                At the moment I am adding the logo to every slide i've created and then adding the colour of the text boxes which as you can imagine is extremley time consuming expecially when I will have around 50 training simulations to do this too.


                I checked and it is already saved as a CPTX.


                PLease let me know if there is an easier way!


                Thank you so much

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                  Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                  I suspect you are pretty new, because you are doing a lot of unnecessary work. I can recommend Foundations, an e-book from the moderator of the forum, Captiv8r as a good start: Captivate 5 - Foundations. Will try to answer some of your questions, and perhaps have some other questions for you.


                  To have a logo on each slide:  add the logo to a Master slide in the correct position, and apply this master slide to all your slides:

                  • Open panel Master slide with Window menu, it will dock in the bottom docking station (suspect you are using the Classic Workspace)
                  • Click on the master slide available there, you'll see swiftly a popup on the stage that tells you that you are in a Master slide; you can label this slide in the Properties panel
                  • Add the logo to the master slide, as you would do for a normal slide
                  • Click on the first slide in the filmstrip (left docking station) to get out of the master slide
                  • Select all the slides on which you want this logo in the filmstrip
                  • In the General accordion of the Properties panel open the dropdown list next to Master slide and choose your master slide
                  • You'll not see the logo on the timeline of the slides, but you'll see them on the stage

                  You want to use the same style for all the Text Captions? Different work flow for existent projects and for new projects.

                  For New projects:

                  Open the Object Style Manager before you open any project (Edit, Object Style manager). Choose the objects that you want to change and change the default styles. Any project that you create from then on will get those styles.


                  For Existing projects:

                  Check the style that is currently used for the text captions. If it is the Default Caption style (without a + sign, that should mean that you did change the default style), you choose one of the captions, change its style, and then use the second button (diskette) 'Save changes to existing Style' in the PI and this style will be applied to all the Text Captions.


                  You could put the front and end slides in a template, as well as the object styles and the master slide that you are using. You can also have placeholders in that template. But explaining all that is a bit long. You can also open different documents in the same instance of Captivate and copy/paste slides between them. This is also possible for master slides.


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                    heidikararamining Level 1

                    Hi not sure if my last reply worked.


                    Just needing some assistance in getting click buttons onto a master slide.


                    What I would like to do is have a set of click buttons on every slide - the recorded slides, after the first 2 introduction slides. (Back, next or Home button) Is there an easy way to get this onto the slides.

                    I tried to insert them into the master slide then play around with the settings to make them show up after slide 2, however when I tried to insert them into a master slide the option to add a click box is greyed out!


                    Any ideas?

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                      Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                      It is not possible to add interactive objects (button, click box, Text Entry Box) to a master slide


                      For navigation you can add a Button widget (is included in Captivate). It has a pausing point in CP5 and has navigational functionalities, not all the functionalities of normal buttons, but perhaps sufficient for your use case.