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    partially saving the form in repository


      Hi All,


      I have a PDF form in my livecycle repository. When the user requests for a pdf form from a webpage, it gets retreived from the livecycle repository.


      Now the requirement is the user can partially fill it and save it back to the repository. Again he can retrieve the partially filled pdf form anytime and can fill it.

      while saving the partially filled form the client side validations should not fire.


      Is this possible in workbench?


      Pls. Help




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          Steve L Walker Level 5



          You have described a document management solution. While LiveCycle has connectors to document and content management systems, it does not manage documents natively.


          The LiveCycle repository is not intended for storing application content. It is for storing form-related assets used as input to applications, primarily. Files of type .pdf, .xdp, .xsd, .xml and image formats for example. The Foundation operation readApplicationAsset is for getting assets to be consumed by an application.


          Once a .pdf or .xdp is rendered and delivered to a Reader/Acrobat client and filled, the completed or partially-completed PDF could then be saved locally, submitted to a non-LiveCycle application (such as a content management system) or returned to LiveCycle application for further processing (whether it is saving the form to a network folder, a content management system or a home-grown document management system).



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            Abhiram88 Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            I didnt get the whole idea.

            You mean to say , it is not possible to save the partially filled form in the livecycle repository. And we have to use some other document management system to do the same.


            Is my understanding right?




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              Steve L Walker Level 5

              Yes, you should not persist the partially saved form in the LiveCycle repository. In fact, saving the partially completed form to the repository would require a hack. Additionally, there is no incremental value in having the form in the repository versus another storage mechanism.