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    AVCHD audio tracks

    VidShooter Level 1

      I set my AVCHD camcorder to record stereo audio.

      When I drop a scene onto the timeline, 3 audio tracks appear.

      The top audio track is stereo and enabled. 

      In this respect it is like when I drop a clip from my DV AVI camcorder.


      However there are 2 more tracks. I thought they may be Left & Right, but they are both stereo.


      Are they the other 5.1 tracks, even though I only select stereo on the camcorder?

      The camcorder is a Panasonic TM900.




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          When you create a new sequence you can set the tyepe and number of tracks and the master track to your liking. If you accept the defaults, you have three stereo tracks and a stereo master track.

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            VidShooter Level 1


            I thought that the number of tracks in the preset meant the number of available tracks appearing on the timeline.


            I set the number to 1 - because I had recorded stereo - one (plus master) appeared.


            But when I dropped an AVCHD clip, three stereo tracks appeared. If i drop an AVI clip, only one appears.


            Does an AVCHD always contain 6 tracks?   ie, set up for 5.1 irrespective of whether you select stereo on the camcorder?