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    Flash Builder programming tips

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      i have a  little quesiton for you who are experianced coders in FB.

      I've been working with FB from time to time  so im not so new to it but when it comes to mobile developing im pretty lost.


      Here's a scenario i need to solve or get some good info / tips  on how to solve.


      Im building a applicaiton for mobile-platforms and i need to load a remote XML file at the very beginning. When that is done,

      a array of objects will be created. Now, if i do that in the first Tab-view, i get XML reloded.

      I used if-case to see if my data-object already has been created but since the view gets recreated the data-object will do the same.


      So my if-case didnt work. I would then love to use a general settings-class  but here's a part im no familiar with...

      How does the settings-class need to look like (does it use internal, static, protected) methods so i can access that class in every view

      but without creating an instance. (Dont want to create a new instance of the settings-class in every view or ill loose my data when it is created in

      every view)



      Would love to hear some good and detailed tips on how to code in FB fore mobiles in a optiomal way.



      Another way i tryied was that when pushing views, i could pass data to next view and then store it from settings = this.data;

      But here i am a bit unsure if it is a optimal way... settings already exist in next view (or have exist) so maybe in performance way it wouldnt be the ultimate

      way to re-create it again ? or is it the ONLY way to pass data between views.