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    XML export/import problems


      Hi everyone.


      I'm trying to use the XML export/import function for the first time, but I have some problems...


      I have a fixed format document (tables, fonts, colors, ...) that will be used as a brocure template.

      Each product has its own specifications, but the brochure layout won't change.

      My idea is to write the specifications in XML tag, and import the file in InDesign to populate the document. Something similar to "mail merge" in Office; tags in Word populated reading Excel cells.


      First, I tried to simply export the XML document and reimport it without modifications, and the result is:

      - new paragraphs are ignored

      - lists are messed up

      - table line color and fonts losed


      I opened tha XML file and noticed that it contains lots of layout informations (table columns with, text alignment, ...) and not just the tags.

      Futhermore, I noticed that the "new paragraph" char seems wrong (diplayed as a "square" in a text editor). Modifying it manually will resolve the new paragraph problem.


      Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

      Can someone help me?


      Thanks everyone!




      Tech specs: InDesign 5 (PC version) on Windows Vista