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    Auto-fit table length




      I have a form with Table A having 9 fields and this table fits correctly in terms of its width within the layout of the subform that holds the table. There is an additional column 10 at the end of the table which is hidden in the designer and it is EFE (Easy Form Editor) enabled. But when opened in EFE this column is thrown out of the layout. Is there anyway I can dynamically change the width of the table according to the number of columns during runtime? I checked if it is possible to set auto-fit for width for the table's header and row but it seems to be disabled. Is there anyway I can set the value in the XML source? Please help.




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          hi sn,


          I am also looking for something similar to this. did you find any solution to your question yet??



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            You can remove the column width maintained at the table level.


            1. Click the table-> Go to the xml source.

            2. Remove the column width, save and reload the form template.

            3. This time it should work with EFE as the column width will get recalculated at runtime by EFE.






            <subform id="tblTable_ID" layout="table" name="tblTable" columnWidths="0.551181in 1.181097in 0.953972in 1.181097in 1.417319in 1.181097in 1.417319in 1.181097in">


            here the columnWidths should be removed to make it EFE compatible.


            Correct way:

            <subform id="tblTable_ID" layout="table" name="tblTable" >