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    Remote .net




      We're trying to call a .net dll on a remote server from our CF install.


      Our code is this:-


      <cfobject type=".NET" assembly="c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll"

      name="variables.thisObj" class="Microsoft.Web.Administration.ServerManager" server="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" port="6086">


      But we get

      DotNet Side does not seem to be running.

      Ensure that the DotNet agent is running and you have provided the correct host and port information



      The IP and Port are definitly correct and we hgave followed this - http://blogs.adobe.com/vikaschandran/2010/12/22/how-to-resolve-error-dotnet-side-does-not- seem-to-be-running-with-coldfusion-901-on-windows/


      But still no joy.....


      anyone got an ideas?