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    Premiere CS5 crashes at start and losses audio

    viva_la_zoom Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      Sorry if this has been covered before but I couldn't find any answer on my search.


      I have a problem which has been haunting me for a good couple of months and I'm really fed up now. Two months ago I started using Plural eyes to sync my different video and audio files into the timeline. I believe Plural eyes syncs your clips and converts stereo audio into dual mono clips. Everything fine so far, I editing for hours, save my project and the next time i open it.....voila! Premieres crashes when loading and says: 'Premiere has encountered an error [..\..\Set\Clip\MasterClip.cpp -2802]' (see image below)


      This means that the project becomes unusable as i can't open it at all. Great. The only workaround is to import the entire project into a blank project......and this would be a great solution only if Premiere hadn't lost every single audio in the timeline. And that means every single one (see image below)


      The only workaround is to reconstruct every single piece of audio every time or to leave the computer on forever and ever.

      Needless to say that this is a v serious bug which i don't believe is related to Plural eyes but Premiere mishandling files. Has anyone found this problem before? I can't really keep on working like this and i'm even considering switching NLE as this is incredibly frustrating.


      thanks in advance

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          Andrey V Level 2

          I am using same software for some time now, but never had any kind of a problems, or anything like this.

          If you think that the problem is in synced xml you can try to rerun plural eyes, if you still have an original exported xml from premiere, and overwrite the existing synced one. But before you overwrite create a back up copy.

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            viva_la_zoom Level 1

            thanks for replying Andrey.


            I've been doing a bit of research and I just discovered a blog entry by Adobe announcing the PremierePro CS5.5.1 update. One of the points at the bug fixes section mentions:


            "Projects created by importing Final Cut Pro XML projects that contain multiple mono clips would lose some audio when the project was closed and reopened."



            It doesn't mention the crash but I think this is exactly what my problem is as you have to import the Final Cut Pro XML file generated by Plural Eyes.

            I guess the bad news is, I can only get rid of the problem by paying the upgrade to CS5.5.