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    Red recording window/browser position - issue


      Hi there. I'm using Captivate 5. I set my recording resolution to 800 x 600 and deselected the 'snap to' window option for the browser window I want to record. I manually resize the browser so it only captures the screen (leaves out the address window, toolbars, etc.). I record a few screens and then stop the recording. I leave the browser window exactly where it is and sized the same. When I start recording to add more to my presentation, it doesn't snap the browser window (since that's deselected) but instead, the red recording window automatically snaps to the top corner of the browser. This leaves me having to drag the red recording window back to just the portion of the browser I want recorded - again, leaving out the address window, toolbars, etc. The problem with this is that each time I record a few slides, then add more, having to reposition that red recording window will never be exactly the same each time I record. Thus, there are inconsistencies in the recording where the screen shifts slightly due to having to move the recording window constantly. Is there a fix for this? It's not a 'snap to' option, it's just the red recording box automatically resets itself to the top corner of your browser instead of where it left off.