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    cannot install flash player 11


      Please help.  I see lots of requests for this.  I have been trying to install flash player for 5 days now since it first requested it by not allowing me to view anything on my computer that uses flash.


      This first started on Oct 13 or 14 2011.  Woke up in the morning, went to my webpage and was told I need to isntall flash player 11 in order to see my video clip.  Installed. Said finished and still does not allow me to  use any of my flash videos.


      Allows required me to install flash.  I have removed all previous installations.  Reinstalled, followed all trouble shooting problems that I can and am still without flash.  When I go to install flash, it asks me to also intall google chrome.  I do not want to use google chrome but I have installed it, removed it, reinstalled it and still cannot use flash.  Does flash require now that I use google chrome in order to run flash?  If so please tell me so that I can use it properly.  I do not know how anyone out there has been able to use this at all.


      If anyone has successfully installed this with Vista and 32 bit IE 9 please advise how you did it.  Thanks.